Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Obama Stole It from Me

I have to admit that over the Labor Day weekend, I was pretty much in a hole. A nice, warm, cozy hole that I didn't want to emerge from.

That may be why I didn't read any of the pre-speech details regarding Obama's speech yesterday. Oh, I was aware that people were up in arms about it, worrying that brainwashing tentacles were going to emerge from the television set and wrap their sucker tips around the neurons of any unsuspecting school-age humans who happened to be watching. Honestly, I didn't know enough about the speech to know if it was going to be political or not. Frankly, I didn't care too much, since I don't have much in the way of political leanings.

But I did think it would be useful to have the kids watch the speech, mostly because it was a hot topic and because it was given by our president. Much in the same way that I'll have them watch at least some of tonight's speech. It's all part of our homeschooling curriculum (if what we do can be called a curriculum).

So I was pleased when we all gathered around the television today (after hours of struggling with getting the damned computer hooked up to go through the screen) to watch the few minutes of speech.

Know why I was pleased? Because Obama gave the same speech that I give on a regular basis, in slightly different wording. It goes something like this:

"Smarts aren't enough. Hard work matters more than talent. Sometimes work isn't fun. Failure leads to success. Joy, confidence, happiness, and satisfaction come from success in life."

Okay, so he elaborated a bit. My hope is that my kids will listen to him much more than they listen to me, especially when it comes to the motivation factor. S kept looking at me throughout the speech, with a look that said, "Where have I heard that before?"

I'm just glad that they heard someone else they respect saying the same sorts of things that I've said in the past. It always helps when my kids learn from more than one source, especially a source other than Mom occasionally, and from someone who's at the top of the heap.

And maybe some of it will stick.


  1. Love your summary. I am going to quote your summary (with your name) somewhere. Maybe FB! Arnav also watched yesterday's speech, for the same reasons your kids did. I was sorry when he had to see the disrespectful way some Republicans treated the President (with the S.C rep guy yelling, the group laughing loudly etc).

  2. I know what you mean. When I say something, it's background noise to my kids. When someone else says the exact same thing, it's golden wisdom. Go figure!

  3. I've yet to see/read what he said to the kiddos, but was just floored with the way folks were freaking out about it ... I love your summary!