Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday's Gratitude Post

Today I'm oh so grateful for running water. Recently our water pressure decreased drastically for a short while, and I was amazed at how nervous that made me. My parents live out in the Texas Hill Country, and they live off a spring. At the height of this year's drought, they were squeaking by on a trickle of water until it finally went dry for a few weeks, when they were living off of water stored in plastic jugs. The town a few miles away was being delivered water by truck.

Their water is running again, and their pump is working now, so all seems to be okay. They can shower, wash clothes, wash dishes, and make ice. It was tough for them for a stretch.

But it makes me hyperaware of how much we depend on water. Now every time I rinse my dishes I notice how much water runs into the drain. Every time I wash my hands I think of all that clean water that's wasted.

Every day I'm reminded of our dwindling water supply and how we need to preserve it. No great ideas here tonight, just gratitude for the recent rains and for indoor running water, available, hot or cold, at a moment's notice.

Photo of dripping water by naughty architect from here.


  1. This seems to be a common theme lately... Running water not working properly. It really is amazing how much we depend on it! I'm with you on feeling gratitude for this vital element of our lives.

  2. Having relocated here from a very rainy tropical area, I have a new appreciation for water...especially after our two year drought. We are thinking of gettting a rain barrell.

  3. I know what you mean. I have a new outlook and technique when rinsing dishes. In St. Thomas every house has a cistern under it in which rain water is collected from off the roof. I think that sort of construction may become more attractive here on the mainland as the years go by.

  4. By 2040, I hear the greatest warss will be fought over water. it's going to be scarce around the world, killing off populations. It's not been averted so far, and what amazes me is no one's discussing it.