Thursday, September 24, 2009

Geography Games

I frequently have people ask me how G studies for geography, and I never have a good answer. He uses tons of different resources - atlases, encyclopedias, online sources, books, audiobooks, videos, map work with Dad, and other resources - so there are far too many to list. (If you're really interested, you can look at our geography bee website, GeoBeeUniverse, to see an incomplete listing under "Resources.")

When they ask, I usually hem and haw and finally just shrug and smile. But one thing I tell them that we did a lot of early on was play games.

We have a number of online geography games listed on our "Fun Stuff" page on GeoBeeUniverse (one of G's favorites is Traveler IQ Challenge), but these are by no means all. There are tons of great options online; it just takes some digging to find the best.

I'll list a few of our favorite board games here.

Take Off! was a perennial favorite. We came back to this game again and again. The map (playing board) was beautiful and durable, and the kids loved the tiny little fleets of jets. One thing we all liked about it was that we could play cooperatively.

The Borderline games were some of our favorites.

Unfortunately, they seem to be discontinued in some places, but Rainbow Resource had Borderline World and Borderline Europe. We have USA and World and played them many, many times. One of the great things about this game(s) is that it's only a bit bigger than the size of a deck of cards, so it's portable. Perfect for tucking in your bag to pull out while waiting in line with cranky kids.

This game we played some, but it wasn't one we came back to as often as Borderline.

A couple of geography games that we have heard are fun but don't own:

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  1. We'll definitely be getting into geography games soon, so thanks for sharing these! Atlases are being introduced this year.