Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saturday Quote for the Day

"Just you and me now, Mom."
--spoken by T this evening

H and G are gone on a camping/hiking trip, preparing for their big hiking trip on the Appalachian Trail, and S is off at a sleepover birthday party.

I don't ever recall a night with just the two of us at home. It's great to have that one-on-one time, which is rare enough to be virtually non-existent.


  1. This is the way it is when my husband deploys. The Gavinator and I are pretty closely bonded, but hubby's frequent deployments have made us even closer.

    When you have more than 1 child, it must be nice to have the opportunity to get one-on-one time every so often. You can do all sorts of fun, special things. :)

    So long as they don't get lost in a Dragonosaur...