Monday, September 7, 2009

My First API Meeting Tomorrow

I'm not a joiner.

That may sound odd, considering I'm on about forty online groups and am the moderator or owner of half a dozen or so.

But when it comes to actually rounding up the kids, preparing everybody for time out of the house, getting in the car, and showing up some place on time - you know, meeting people in person - I'm woefully deficient. If you need some volunteer sweat, I'm your girl. Give me a computer with some menial tasks that need doing and I'm all set.

But ask me to be somewhere in the flesh ... well, that's harder for me. I'm not sure why ... I enjoy being around people and I like getting to know people in real life that I've met only virtually. Who knows? Maybe it's just that I'm a bit of a loner by nature and I march to my own drumbeat (that's one of the big reasons we homeschool - I can't stomach the idea of being on the school's schedule).

No matter, tomorrow is the first day that I'll attend an Attachment Parenting International meeting as a guest instead of a speaker. I've applied to be a leader, so it just makes sense that I actually start attending the meetings. Sorry you can't see my blush through the computer screen.

I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. I think dealing with people in a group setting versus online may go in cycles. Sometimes we are ready for it, and sometimes we need a break. Some people would prefer never, ever to deal with other people in person, while others joyfully volunteer.

    Hmm... I'm one of those cyclical people. If there's a place where I'm needed, and I'm "feeling it", then I'll do it. Right now I'm in an introverted cycle - no leadership, thanks. I'll participate. :)

    Hope the API meeting goes well!

  2. Good luck! Be prepared to have AAF members faint at seeing you in person! :)

    The speaker,Bethany Prescott, spoke at Parkside last week about getting kids ready for school.