Friday, April 10, 2009

Welcome to my blog!

So here I am, finally trudging gleefully into the 21st century. It seems I'm the last person to have a blog.

Does the world need another blog? Probably not. Does the world need another blog--from me? Certainly not. Will anyone care? Hmm, don't know about that, but probably not much. But what the heck. 

I have lots of opinions, and sometimes people even ask me about them. And, for whatever reason, they actually ask my advice about stuff! Go figure. Secretly, I feel like I did when I'd wear my mom's shoes and play "dress up" ... just faking it until someone finds out I really don't know what the heck I'm talking about. 

So I have lots of opinions, mostly about raising kids with respect, helping to create adults who are responsible and enjoyable, and basically just getting along in life from day to day. I also have lots of ideas about education and how we can best help our kids become life-long learners.

And adolescence. Sheesh, I wish I didn't have to know so much about kids coming into puberty. Our kids are 12.5, 11, and almost 9, so we're right in the middle of tween-ness and prepuberty hormones. I figure my son and my daughter will hit puberty right at the time I go into menopause. My youngest son and my husband should quietly disappear for a year. I guess I'll leave clean laundry on the doorstep for them to pick up once a week. 

I also have lots of ideas on how I wish my life were not! Not so cluttered, not so disorganized, not so frantic, not so chaotic, not so hectic, not so argumentative. But I'm thankful every day for what I do have: love, togetherness, energy, excitement, intrigue, danger lurking around every corner ... well, not really that last thing.

All in all, we have a chaotic, loving, loud, fun, ever-changing, cluttered, and yes, eclectic life. Would I change it? Not for the world!

Welcome to my blog!
Proud mom to G, S, and T and loving wife to H


  1. Yes, the world needs your blog!! Thanks for doing this. Ive had a tough 2 days. This was a great reminder to TALK. With everyone. Sometimes my short temper/ego get in the way.

  2. Camille, I have an email folder or two filled with classic nuggets from you through the years. You should really compile them and archive them here for everyone to refer to. I especially love the Sidney and the flipflops for hiking story.

  3. I love your profile about "family as my foundation." Lately I have been feeling like my relationship with B is so "argumentative" at times, and what you say about that really resonates with me. But yes, still filled with love, togetherness, energy, excitement...This really helps put things in perspective.