Friday, April 24, 2009

Shake it, baby, shake it!

Tonight, with the house quiet and the kids nestled in their beds, H and I sat in the office, he working on his laptop and me on the Mac, when he started laughing. I looked over saw that he was watching this SNL clip that he'd stumbled on while looking around hulu

We're about 20 seconds into it when in trots T. Of course, you know what the first thing he asks is.

T: "What's so funny?"

Me: "Oh, just a comedy show about guys playing video games." (H shoots me a smirk over T's shoulder. I try to keep just a simple grin on my face.)

T (now looking at the screen): "Man, those guys are really getting into it!"

I feel a WHOOSH!!! as a blast of not-getting-it careens over T's head and hits me in the face.

H: "Uh huh." (Barely containing himself and sending me pointed glances.)

T (laughing at the clip): "They're really shaking it!"

I'm just about dying laughing, when Alec Baldwin says, "Trust me, your mother's gonna be a natural."

T watches through the end of the clip, giggling about how "into it" these guys are.

T heads off to bed (again), glad to have shared a funny moment with his parents. You know, a real bonding moment. But also kinda scratching his head about why his folks thought that clip was that funny. Oh well, you know old people.

Me? I'm just glad that my almost 9-year-old is still innocent and this little episode won't even make a blip on his radar screen. 

I could write a long, detailed post about how our kids have lost their innocence, but I'm not feeling too serious. Maybe I'll make that post tomorrow.

Is it too late to play some Wii?


  1. *Snicker* that reminds me of how today, Ian announced in the car to all of us that T. had told him a story about how a lady got shot in the stomach with a gun that had sperm in it, and she became pregnant. "Isn't that sooo funny?" he asked, and I could tell from his tone, that he knew it couldn't be true but wasn't EXACTLY sure why ... ;-)
    (I also wonder what the two of them were talking about that led to this story being related ...)

  2. I bet that was an old episode of Mythbusters, where they busted the myth that a woman was impregnated after being struck by the same bullet that had passed through the groin of a soldier. See how myths get started? T or Ian remembered that she DID get pregnant!

    See, we have a well-rounded science curriculum! Mythbusters ... one-stop science! Chemistry (explosives), physics (remote controlled rocket cars), earth science (whirlpools of death), electricity (stun guns), and even human biology (Civil War pregnant women)!