Thursday, July 2, 2009

"Sweet Emotion"--My Feelings Exactly

Remember that video I promised way back before my mom was so rude to have heart problems? (Before you gasp, that's a joke.)

Here it is. S sings "Sweet Emotion" - the first song of the summer camp concert line-up. She was thrilled that she got to sing the only cuss word in the whole concert.

The concert was played at Hanover's in Pflugerville, and it's a real bar, with the requisite smoke, stale beer smell, bar flies, and ear-splitting music. 

It was great. Every parent was beaming, whether their kid performed flawlessly, added in extra verses by accident, sung off key or too softly to hear, played the wrong notes, screeched feedback, forgot the words, hammed it up, or played like a true professional. We were all proud, not only for our own kids but for each and every kid on the stage.

These kids came together for two weeks - some beginners, some quite accomplished - and learned 14 songs well enough to perform them. Each kid learned at least 4 songs. For some, this was the first time they performed on stage (G being one of those). For some, this was the first time they sang for an audience (T being one of those). For others, performing is an established feat.

No matter what their experience, their innate talent, their duty to practice, or their level of accomplishment, those kids shined. They had so much fun! And isn't that what it's all about?

If I can get my act together, I'll post more videos of the concert soon, which will have G and T playing as well. 

For more information about the music school or their summer camps, visit Paul Green School of Rock. They have lessons and concerts by their students throughout the year in addition to the summer camps. (We've only done the camps, but we hear the lessons are great too, although expensive.) Their motto is "Saving Rock & Roll one kid at a time!"


  1. Sounds like a great experience. I used to sing on stage a lot, as a kid, and it gave me tremendous confidence to face a lot of things later, and it was so much fun...

  2. Awesome! Congratulations to S and the other participants.