Friday, July 17, 2009

My Understated 100th Celebration

So this is my 100th post! I had big plans for this post (well, as big as my plans tend to get). I was going to come up with something clever, probably centering on "100." 

Maybe ... "Top 100 Big Blog Plans"

Or ... "100 Ways to Say 'I Don't Know. Let's Go Look It Up.'"

Or maybe ... "100 Secret Places to Hide Junk When Someone Shows up at the Door Unexpectedly"

Or how about ... "100 Quick Fixes for Broken Toys, Using Only Duct Tape, Thumbtacks, an Old Band-Aid, a Dirty Sock, and That Little Piece of Stretchy Plastic That Came with That Thing They Got for Christmas Two Years Ago That's Missing Half Its Pieces"

Or the ever-popular ... "100 Reasons Not to Sneak out of the House and Drive down the Coast, Leaving Last-Night's Leftover Tofu Surprise for the Family Dinner"

And the ever-useful ... "100 Ways to Say, 'Just a minute! I'll Be Right There!'"

Or perhaps ... "100 Speedy Ways to Clean up Vomit, Pee, and Other Bodily Fluids, with Bonus Tips for Chunks and Dried-On Stains!"

And my favorite ... "Kids Confess Their 100 Methods for Avoiding Bedtime, Kitchen Clean-up, and Reconciliation with Siblings"

With its converse ... "100 Ways to Bribe, Cajole, Wheedle, Coax, Coerce, Guilt, Manipulate, and Bully Your Kids to Go to Bed, Clean up the Kitchen, and Stop Fighting"

Alas, I didn't have any good ideas, so you'll just have to live with this non-celebration.

Join me for the next 100. Maybe by then I'll have a suitable party and a respectable "Top 200" list planned.

Photo of fireworks by Berriehol from here
Photo of 100 by Johannesen ( from here


  1. Happy 100th! You don't look a day over 25.

  2. "I didn't have any clever ideas ..." Uh huh. Very clever. :-)