Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday Quote for the Day

"We don't have the shipping bolts."
--spoken by Delivery Guy #1, who was supposed to set up our washer today

... followed quickly by a huge internal "Aaaaargh!," uttered by my evil twin inside my head, when Delivery Guy #1 said he'd have to come back tomorrow since he couldn't install the washer without the shipping bolts

... which was followed by begging and pleading and practically groveling to Delivery Guys #1 and #2 to hang around long enough for me to go get shipping bolts from the nearby Sears store, which, I swear, really is only five minutes away ("Really. It's only five minutes!"), since they kept saying that they had a delivery schedule to keep and couldn't hang around while I ran on a fool's errand

... which was followed by a mad dash to the Sears store, five minutes away, where I cajoled the manager into finding a vice grip to wrestle four shipping bolts out of the back of another Samsung display washer

... which was followed by another mad dash back home, still five minutes away, where I screeched into our driveway, relieved to see the Sears truck still blocking our cul de sac, and thrust the bolts into the hands of Delivery Guy #2

... which was followed by Delivery Guys #1 and #2 trying in vain to get the bolts into the back of the machine while I pathetically slunk upstairs to let DH deal with it

... which was followed by voices that were not saying things like "Hand me that screwdriver" or "You lift that end, and I'll lift this one" or "Look, it's a perfect fit" but instead were saying things like "These must be off a different model" and "The bolts could be stripped" and "I can't get these to fit" and "We can't install the washer without the bolts"

... which was followed by my wonderful husband asking me, "Do you want to hear the good news?"

... which was followed by me saying, "Is there any?"

... which was followed by H saying, "No."

... which was followed by me grumbling, reluctantly trudging downstairs to hear that they'd be back tomorrow, hopefully with the proper bolts in hand

... which should be followed tomorrow with a gratitude post that I won't even have to think of a topic for.

Our new washer, sitting forlornly in our garage, surrounded by our wet, dirty laundry. Notice the gorgeous gouge and huge dents on the top, which enabled us to buy it for half off.