Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Meditation on the Fragility of Clean Laundry

Alas, poor Kenmore 80 Series Heavy Duty washer.
I knew it, Horatio. A machine of infinite clean, of most excellent fancy.
It hath borne dirty laundry in its bowels a thousand times, and now, how abhorr'd in my imagination it is! My gorge rims at it.
Here hung that lid that I have closed I know not how oft.
Where be your drain now? Your water? Your buzzer? Your flashes of cleanliness, that were wont to set the dryer on a roar?
Not one now, to mock your own spinning? Quite Tide-fallen?
Now get you to the back of the Sears delivery truck, and tell them, let them find a new home for you, to this favor they must come. And make them deliver my new washer.

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  1. LOL! I love the take-off on Hamlet! Sorry to hear about the washer, though.

  2. Congratulations, you managed to kill your washer! now you get 2 new appliances to fall in love with. Very very happy and excited for you.

    Please come over anytime and do the same to my microwave :)

    Self-proclaimed appliance lover,

  3. Well, if you buy the water-saving types, you get a lot off from the city of Austin, and even more off from sunset valley. Be sure to look into that. For sunset valley, you might have to live in the city, but if you do, they pretty much pay for your machine...