Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tornado Preparations

Tonight we had a bit of a scare. There was severe weather here in Austin, and a couple of tornadoes touched down in the north part of town. Fortunately, they were small and caused no injuries and only minor damage. But the kids were freaked!

The tornadoes ended up staying north of us, but we heard at one point on the news that our area needed to make immediate preparations. S went into overdrive, scurrying around, stocking our master walk-in closet. G kept saying, "we need a storm shelter!" (How we could manage that with our house on the side of a rock hill, I have no idea.) 

She and G were really frightened (T was reading with DH), but they went into action instead of panicking. I was so proud of them.

We ended up getting nothing out of the storm except a lot of rain and a few trembling kids (and dogs). So when I went to get ready for bed, I walked in the closet to change clothes. There I found pillows, a radio, a number of flashlights, blankets, water bottles, food, and Monopoly and SET. She apparently thought that we'd be stuck in there for weeks.

I've found the career for my daughter. Is FEMA hiring?

Photos of tonight's storm by alamosbasement from here


  1. Ignorance is bliss, I tell ya! We had been without internet or phone or tv for 24+ hours so we were peacefully in an igloo and went to Hula Hut for dinner. As the sky grew dark I said "let's get home before it starts to rain." By the time we got to MoPac it was raining cats and dogs, bits of hail, could not see more than a foot in front of us (I was driving myself, cousin and 4 children) and I was just praying to get home safely. Of course by the time we got to 360 it was all over. We had no idea it was a big storm until we saw everyone's Facebook updates. Mind you Florida cousins asked incredulously, "big storm? you call this a BIG STORM????" !!

  2. Camille, We were a bit worried about the roof, with the hailstorm. A was scared. He ran and got his teddy bear, and VOLUNTARILY (without my telling him) said aloud the various names of the Hindu rain God's son :). I'd told him thius's what I did as a kid when Iw as afraid of thunder and this's what MY mom did too. The names are : Arjuna, Gaandiva, Partha, Sabhyasaachi, Gandeepa, Jishnu, Bheebhatsu. He repeated this to himself, holding his teddy bear, about 20 tmes.

  3. Hi Eclectic,

    What do you expect in case of loss? Who cares? Who has disaster preparedness/recovery money for that?

    I don't have all the answers, but I do have this one on disaster preparedness/recovery:

    A letter pertaining to disaster (hurricane, earthquake, tornado, flood, fire, etc.) has been sent to President Obama on behalf of all insurance policyholders. As a matter of transparency on the record of insurance consumer protection, any response by President Obama will be posted on the following Website for review:

    Qui potest et debet vetare, jubet: (Law Maxim)

  4. Well, Eclectic :), I was just posting to say SET is an amazing game isn't it? We've enjoyed it for over 2 years. My parents also enjoyed it recently.

  5. I could survive a long time with water, food and SET. S is my kind of girl. (But we knew that.)
    I was so thankful that E &C were already asleep by the time the storm started, because they would have been just as freaked as yours, but probably without the constructive action!