Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday's Gratitude Post

Tonight I'm grateful for leftovers. Much maligned, rarely appreciated, often discarded ... tonight we ate 'em. We tossed them into a big pot, stirred them together, and called it "soup." 

After running errands this afternoon, I was too late and too tired to manage anything remotely resembling dinner, so my mom and I improvised. 

Ah, how delightful to have enough crap in the fridge to throw together - literally, from across the kitchen - and feed a family of seven (grandparents are still here after recovering from the heart escapade). 


  1. Love leftovers! And I'm so glad your mom is home from the hospital!

  2. I am quite nervous with my parents travelling to India today from CHicago - both recovering from a bad virus. My mom's virus was so bad she's on 2 strong medications...So stressful I am not with them! It's really frustrating when you're far away and parents are sick. I am glad to hear the positive outcome with you, and hope things keep improving. I was browsing thru the recipes in Dr.Ornish's recipe book yesterday, and it was really good. It's alled "Reversing heart disease..."