Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday's Gratitude Post

Life comes full circle. We start as innocents with few experiences and memories, and we sometimes end up that way too.

My father doesn't remember much these days. He sometimes doesn't remember my sisters or me, unless we're standing in front of him. He's past the point of remembering his grandchildren or his daughters' husbands, but he does a great job of faking it - always the cheerful diplomat. He doesn't recall his home if he's away from it, and he doesn't remember the pets he has had for 8 years, even when they're sitting next to his side.

Today he teared up as he recalled the day that T was born. He remembered that his birth was the only birth he'd ever witnessed - including those of his own children, as fathers weren't admitted in the delivery rooms in those days. 

One of the few precious memories that linger in his mind is that of the birth of his last grandchild, the only birth he's ever seen ... my last child.

I'm grateful.


  1. Something special, for T to cherish. This's so hard. My grandma had dementia, and it was very very hard to see. I try to think about it this way - there's psychological growth, there's struggling thru various things in life, and maybe this's another way we don't understand...

  2. My Dad had Alzheimers. What you describe about not remembering home when away and the names of children is so similar to our situation. I am the last of my parents four children and the only birth he witnessed as well.

    Hang in there. I am glad you have this cherished memory to share with him.