Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Last Post on the Washer/Dryer Fiasco

(I think I just heard a hearty cheer from all the way over here after you read my post title!)

For those of you who have slogged with me through post after post of my washer/dryer saga, you'll be happy to know that the journey has finally come to an end. We are now the proud parents of two shiny, large overpriced appliances, snugly squeezed into our cozy laundry room.

Notice the lack of wall space on either side - just enough room for a trash can.
Of course, there's ample room behind them for single socks, hangars, coins, Jimmy Hoffa, and Iraq's WMDs.

It was four weeks ago today that my old dear machine spun its last song, and I found this washer with a gorgeous gouge on the top that allowed me to purchase it for half off. If you read the Saturday Quote for the Day from July 25th and Sunday's Gratitude Post from about 3 weeks later, you'll realize that we've been waiting for four whole dadgum weeks to get this thing installed.

Well, yesterday they finally showed up. Granted, they were two hours late, but I'm not complaining. They were here! I had the blasted shipping bolts in my hands! It was actually going to happen!

You know the first thing they said? "We don't need the shipping bolts."

Aw, dang.

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  1. ok, now, really, let me preface this by saying I do not mean to cause any anxiety whatsoever by my question, but may I ask if you have done one load yet?

  2. Whew! You had me scared there, Raji! Everything seems to be A-OK.

  3. Ok then - NOW we can celebrate!!

  4. They're gorgeous! I think I'll bring my laundry next time I come to visit ... :-)
    I love your list of things that could be found behind it. How about some bolts?
    Responded to your comment on my blog, BTW.

  5. Congratulations!!! I think you'll really like them. We have a similar set.