Monday, August 24, 2009

NOT Back to School Party!

While virtually every other child in the state was waking to alarm clocks, scrambling around for their lunchboxes and backpacks, swallowing the butterflies that come with the first day of school, and worrying about their new teachers and old friends, this is what we were doing ...

The annual NBTSP (Not Back To School Party) - my kids are in there somewhere.

And tonight, they're all having sleepovers with friends, because it's not a school night.

As much as they are happy not to have to sit in a classroom, I'm even happier!


  1. Fun, wasn't it? I always feel sorry for Ian's friend next door, who has to trudge off at 7:40 a.m. knowing that Ian's doing nothing of the sort, especially after a summer of just hangin' out.

  2. Sorry I missed looks like it was so much fun!