Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lying Low

What is it about having my family separated that makes me so out of sorts? DH and first-born are off on the Appalachian Trail (G's 13th birthday present), leaving the two younguns and me to hold down the fort.

I've been being a homebody while they've been gone, sorting through clutter and cleaning out the attic (yikes! digging through the decade-old rat leavings is another post in itself), and I haven't been in any frame of mind to be witty, clever, or even sensical. Thus, no blog posts.

Sorry if you've missed me. (And if you haven't, well, poopy on you.)

Plus, the boys took my camera with me, so I can't even take any embarrassing or cutesy shots of the remaining kids.

I promise I'll get back to it. They're back in town by the end of the week, so things should be back to normal, or what passes as normal, by the weekend.


  1. Oh. Well then. Kindly disregard the concerned email I just sent you. xoxo

  2. While my husband was in Japan, I just relaxed. I did make 2 playdates, so I wouldn't have to be completely without adult interaction. But I basically focused on my son and homeschooling.

    I blogged, sure. But I didn't do any of my professional writing (ah, woe is me).

    Sometimes it is nice that way. To just lay low.